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Play PaviTop - Insitu EPDM

This is a product manufactured on-site (insitu) that allows its users to enjoy a gapless, playful and interactive floor. This floor allows diverse colours and designs, being the best option to get more dynamic and creative projects.

Insitu EPDM is a safety flooring consisting of a first layer of SBR (recycled rubber) and a top layer in EPDM (virgin rubber). The top and bottom layers are agglomerated with colourless MDI polyurethane resin.

Pneugreen develops personalized projects for each space and we have different colours at your disposal so that you can carry out magical projects where children can play and enjoy happy moments.



  • Anti-slip: prevents falls
  • Anti-trauma: absorb the impact of falls
  • Flexible: elastic raw materials
  • Resistant: protects equipment and does not damage existing floor
  • Comfortable
  • Odourless
  • Permeable / Draining
  • Removable no need to be glued to the floor
  • Sustainable: recycled and recyclable
  • Easy and quick to apply: modular system
  • Decorative: available in different colours


Thickness (mm) 15; 10+10; 20+10; 30+10; 40+10; 50+10; 60+10; 70+10; 80+10; 90+10; 100+10; 110+10; 120+10
Material Recycled rubber (2.4 granulometry) agglomerated with rubber binder
Colours EPDM

Comfort and Safety for any place

It is possible to apply the Insitu in any place that needs a comfortable and anti-trauma floor. The application of this floor must be definitive.

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