PaviTop kerb is normally used in place of the concrete kerb, finishing the pavements. The PaviTop kerb allows a greater protection, giving the necessary damping in case of fall, ensuring a greater protection of the users.


Sizes (mm) 250x75x1000
Details Permeable, safe, anti-slip, comfortable, washable, anti-fall, shock absorber, aesthetic, hygienic, resistant, durable, easy to apply, decorative, thermal and acoustic insulation.
Standard Colours

Protector edge made of recycled rubber. Prevents accidents involving walls, windows and borders with sharp corners!


Sizes(mm) 75x25x470
Applications Protector of walls, poles, windows and doors. Being shock absorber and malleable, this is an excellent option to prevent falls.
Standard Colours

The footing protector in recycled rubber is an innovative product which purpose is to protect the metallic footing base of the playground equipment.


Sizes(mm) 180x180x180 with a 40mm thickness
Applications It allows the access to the equipment footing base for the foundation maintenance
Standard Colours

High resistant and with different applications, the PaviTop Flowerpots are permeable, resistant and shock absorbers of impact!


Double function: a flower pot on one side, a bench on the other
Sizes (mm) 500x500x500
Weight 50kg
Applications Due to their high weight and size, the Flower Pots can be used as delimiters in pedestrian areas. If you reverse its position the flower pot becomes a bench, where you can sit comfortably and safely!
Product Ecological and 100% Portuguese – each flower pot is equivalent to 35 tires at the end of their life cycle!
Standard Colours

Promote your business in a sustainable way: PaviTop pen holders are an alternative to publicize your company.


Easy to apply, the PaviTop Glue is certified and allows a total adhesion to the application area, making the pavement even and weather resistant.


Details To avoid gaps between the tiles, we recommend the use of dowel pins.
Package 1Kg
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