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Fitness Areas

Thinking in the comfort and accessibility of outdoor spaces with fitness equipment, we launched our “Fitness Areas”. This product ensures better access to equipment ant the safety of its users while contributing to the conservation of the surrounding area and the dynamization of the Fitness zones.

Commonly used in physical rehabilitation and geriatric circuits, fitness circuits with anti-trauma flooring allow users greater stability, accessibility, safety and comfort in every use. Studied and properly designed to help maintain the best physical condition possible, the recycled rubber flooring – or synthetic flooring – is designed with its users in mind.

This is one more product conceived thinking in the environment. By applying the Fitness Areas, you are contributing to the recycling of 72 tires at the end of life.



  • Anti-slip: prevents falls
  • Anti-trauma: absorb the impact of falls
  • Flexible: elastic raw materials
  • Resistant: protects equipment and does not damage existing floor
  • Comfortable
  • Odourless
  • Permeable / Draining
  • Removable no need to be glued to the floor
  • Sustainable: recycled and recyclable
  • Easy and quick to apply: modular system
  • Decorative: available in different colours


Sizes(mm) 1000x1000x35
Thickness (mm) 35
Texture Rough
Base Solid
Available Areas 4m²; 6m²; 9m²; 12m²
Standard Colours
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