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Comfort and Safety for your gym

GymPaviTop has been designed to ensure maximum comfort to its users! It is safe, comfortable, noise and weight damper, with a high resistance and durability.

Excellent for bodybuilding areas, “Cross Fit” and Free Weight, it absorbs the impact of dumbbells and allows its users comfort and elasticity in the localized exercise areas.

The GymPaviTop is manufactured in Portugal by Pneugreen. Therefore, we can develop specific solutions for each project and according to the needs of each client.



  • Anti-slip: prevents falls
  • Anti-trauma: absorb the impact of falls
  • Flexible: elastic raw materials
  • Resistant: protects equipment and does not damage existing floor
  • Comfortable
  • Odourless
  • Permeable / Draining
  • Removable no need to be glued to the floor
  • Sustainable: recycled and recyclable
  • Easy and quick to apply: modular system
  • Decorative: available in different colours


Size (mm) 1000x1000
Thickness (mm) 15;20;25;30;35
Texture Rough
Base Solid
Material Recycled rubber (2.4 granulometry) agglomerated with rubber binder
Recommended Colours
Other Colours

GymPaviTop Clients Testimonials

  • «The floor we acquire for our Gyms perfectly serve the purpose, with the particularity of having opted for floors with different characteristics in each unit. We are very satisfied.»

    Pedro Simão
    Fitness Factory CEO
  • «We are tremendously satisfied with the flooring. We are part of a residential building and till now we had no complaints about acoustic or vibrations. The floor has responded to our needs in the most satisfactory way possible, and we can even say that it exceeded our expectations. The characteristics that I consider most important are the comfort provided to athletes and, above all, the absorption of vibrations and acoustics.»

    Mónica Oliveira
    “Fan Box” Gym – Lisbon
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