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Comfort, Safety and Hygiene for the animals!

EquiPaviTop is a rubber product designed for use in boxes, corridors, showers and trailers/transport trucks.

Being a product with draining and non-slip properties, the use of PaviTop Equestre allows the comfort of horses, hygiene and safety, protecting their coat and joints.



  • Anti-slip: prevents falls
  • Anti-trauma: absorb the impact of falls
  • Flexible: elastic raw materials
  • Resistant: protects equipment and does not damage existing floor
  • Comfortable
  • Odourless
  • Permeable / Draining
  • Removable no need to be glued to the floor
  • Sustainable: recycled and recyclable
  • Easy and quick to apply: modular system
  • Decorative: available in different colours


Sizes(mm) 1000x1000
Thickness (mm) 35
Texture Rough
Base Solid
Material Recycled rubber (2.4 granulometry) agglomerated with rubber binder
Standard Colours
Other Colours

PT15 – Application System with Dowel Pins

The use of dowel pins to connect the tiles will prevent tiles from moving away due to the thermal oscillations. With this accessory, the tiles stay attached to each other, avoiding gaps between them.

The dowel pin is an accessory to insert into the side perforations of the tile.

Pavitop Equestrian Clients Testimonies

  • “Excellent. Comfort and protection for our horses. I’m very satisfied.”

    Ana Mendes
    Boxes at Portuguese Equestrian Society in Campo Grande, Lisbon
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