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The company

PneuGreen Pavimentos is a portuguese company dedicated to the manufacture of solutions in recycled rubber with the purpose of incorporate, in utility products, the maximum granulate from tires at the end of their lifecycle.

Aware of the need for diversification for different markets, the company has already a vast portfolio of products and services. Quality, innovation and sustainable growth are our main commitments, seeking to combine entrepreneurial spirit and environmental protection.

Specializing in rubber flooring since 2011, Pneugreen Pavimentos is now recognized for its Insitu works, playground plaques and GymPaviTop, a specific floor for gyms. It also develops tailor-made solution, according to each client needs.

To contribute to a better and more sustainable world through the production of ecological products that maximize the use of waste and minimize environmental impacts.
• Team Spirit
• Ethics and transparency
• Social responsibility
• Focus on the quality of products and services
• Versatility and a quick response to requests
• Respect and dedication to each project
• Spirit of Innovation
Manufacture recycled rubber products that aim quality and sustainability, turning the rubber from the tires at the end of their lifecycle into quality products.
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