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PneuGreen establishes partnership with Portal Of Sustainable Construction

PneuGreen establishes partnership with Portal Of Sustainable Construction

Since the beginning of the year, PneuGreen Pavimentos has been included in the list of partners of the Sustainable Construction Portal. On the platform, the emphasis is placed on PaviTop recycled rubber flooring and in its different applications, such as playgrounds, gyms, fitness areas, gardens and swimming pool areas.

But this partnership goes far beyond the digital promotion of PneuGreen products. In the last edition of Concreta – Construction, Rehabilitation, Architecture and Design Fair, held in November, the Sustainable Construction Portal team chose PaviTop pavement for its booth, proving how versatile it is.

Founded in 2010, the Sustainable Construction Portal provides information on the construction sector, especially focused on quality, energy efficiency and rehabilitation. This online platform also publicizes products and services that have sustainability and the Environment at the top of their concerns and promotes awareness actions for companies in the sector and the general population.

For PneuGreen, the great advantage of this partnership is the company’s link to a platform “that recognizes sustainability as the best way into the future” and that promotes the circular economy, that is the basis of PneuGreen activity.

Each square meter of PaviTop flooring uses four end-of-life tires, making an undeniable contribution to waste reduction and environmental protection. In addition, the company located in Óbidos Industrial Zone has special attention to the environmental performance of its activity.

The company also points out that the Sustainable Construction Portal is “an important promotion vehicle for the brand” among architects, engineers and other agents in the construction sector, where products made from recycled rubber are increasingly used, not only due to the environmental concerns but also for the improvement of the thermal and acoustic performance they allow.

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