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Fitness Factory bet On Gympavitop

Fitness Factory bet On Gympavitop

Resistance, flexibility, comfort, ability to absorb impacts, noise and weight. These are some of the strengths of GymPaviTop, specifically produced for Gyms by PneuGreen. Characteristics that did not go unnoticed to the responsible of Balance and Fitness Factory Gyms, who chose this pavement to equip all the units of the group.

The first experience was made at the Balance Health Club, the group’s premium gym, located in Caldas da Rainha, with the choice of 15mm thick pavement for the Free Weight Spaces and Functional Training, and the 20mm pavement for Area 51, the cross training space. And the responsible become so satisfied, that GymPaviTop turned out to be chosen for the gym franchising Smart Cost Fitness Factory, that is already present in various locations in Portugal.

Pedro Simão, Fitness Factory CEO, says that this option is mainly due to the “cost-benefit allied to product quality/service” of PaviTop. But the person in charge also praises PneuGreen, which he considers to be “a supplier that values ​​proximity and professionalism. And these are characteristics that are reflected in the success of each project, “he adds.

Therefore, Pedro Simão does not hesitate to affirm that PaviTop “is the right choice for the gyms” of the group, where “it is very important to have the ideal conditions for the members.”

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