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It’s time to sanitize your rubber floor!

It’s time to sanitize your rubber floor!

The durability of your rubber floor depends on good maintenance. Considering its use by children, the sanitization of floors is of major importance. And now that the days are beginning to allow outdoor play, this is the perfect time to do it!

The advantages of our recycled rubber flooring for playgrounds and school playgrounds, among other applications are well known, , but we can always remind them. This non-slip floor guarantees the safety of children in their playtime and their anti-trauma characteristics absorb the impact in case of falls.

Another of the great benefits of recycled rubber flooring is its durability. But did you know that there are some precautions you must take to extend its life?

At PneuGreen we recommend that the maintenance and sanitization of our PaviTop floors be carried out every six months, ensuring a good disinfection. And for effective cleaning nothing better than our disinfectant detergent – PaviTop CleanGreen, chlorine free and with a neutral PH.

Even if the use of the pressure machine is the most suitable, it should not have a pressure higher than 120 bar and the milling nozzle should not be used. In addition, it is essential to ensure a wash distance greater than 80 centimetres.

In addition to proper maintenance and sanitization, there is still other care to consider. In warmer months, the flooring should be regularly wetted, which not only helps to clean it at heavier usage times but also improves the elasticity of the rubber.

Regular moisturizing also helps to protect rubber flooring from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. This protection can even be improved with the installation of a cover, preventing the floor to reach high temperatures.

The use and sun exposure of the rubber floor can cause the floor colours to fade. A repainting of the floor, four years after its application, revives the colours and helps to preserve its characteristics.

All the floors produced by PneuGreen have a warranty certificate. However, these are only valid when good maintenance practices are observed.

We are available to answer all your questions and to help you extend the durability of your rubber flooring.

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